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Are We Next? Lessons of Lac Megantic7/6/1512202
Benedectines for Peace vigil7/6/1516501
Benicia Bridge Banner Hang7/6/1594553
BNSF Railroad Protest7/10/1598660
Bomb Train Vigil and Awareness Night7/9/1523173
California Capitol Inside the Blast Zone!7/11/1595814
Candlelight Vigil in Burlington7/6/1505401
CNY Bomb TrainSpotting7/10/1513204
Conversation avec Convoi-citoyen - Le transport du pétrole parlons-en7/4/15J2S 3H7
Department of Transportation protest7/9/1598682
Department of Transportation protest7/9/1597209
Exploding Oil Train Danger in Watertown7/11/1553094
Federal Railroad Administration Protest7/10/1598660
Fracking and oil bomb trains vs. our clean energy future6/25/1519104
Highlighting the Blast Zone: Downtown Mount Vernon7/10/1598273
Highlighting the Blast Zone: Lincoln Elementary School7/7/1598274
Highlighting the Blast Zone: Lions Park7/9/1598273
Highlighting the Blast Zone: Skagit County Courthouse7/7/1598273
Highlighting the Blast Zone: Skagit River Playfields7/11/1598233
Highlighting the Blast Zone: Skagit River Railroad Bridge7/8/1598233
Highlighting the Blast Zone: Skagit Transit Center7/6/1598273
Honor Lac Megantic, Honor the Treaty, Honor the Earth7/5/1598520
Keepers of the Athabasca - Blast Zone Campaign7/11/15T0G 2A1
Lac Megantic Memorial7/6/1504101
Lac Megantic Remembrance Vigil7/6/1512901
Lac-Megantic and Fairfield: Two Years Later7/11/1504937
Local People Protest Against Dangerous Rail Conditions7/8/1513902
Marche #SolidaritéMégantic "NON au pétrole sale!"7/4/15G6B 1A5
Memorial for Lac Mégantic7/5/15M6H 3G7
Milwaukee Commemorates Lac-Megantic Tragedy - Press Conference by Citizens Acting for Rail Safety7/7/1553204
Minnesota in the Blast Zone - Press Conference by Citizens Acting for Rail Safety7/7/1555155
No Bomb Trains in Baltimore Rally7/8/1521202
No Crude by Rail - Stop Poisoning our Air/Water7/5/1592240
No Oil Trains! projector action7/9/1570116
Oil Train Action in Fresno7/11/1593721
Oil Train Impacts Forum7/9/1598225
Oil Train tabling on the Eastbank Esplanade7/8/1597227
Oil Train tabling on the Vancouver Riverwalk7/10/1598661
Oil Trains Teach-In7/11/1594536
Peaceful Uprising Colorado Plateau Defense Camp7/11/1584525
PNW Climate Camp "planning campout" 20167/11/1597230
Point de presse - Opposition au transport de pétrole par train7/6/15G5L 4B8
Protest Nustar Energy (proposed oil terminal)7/6/1598660
Railroad Infrastructure monitoring7/6/1598660
Rainbow Bridge: End Philly's Oil Train Threats7/11/1519103
Remembering LacMegantic: Are We Next?7/6/1507621
Sandpoint Stops Oil Trains Week of Action 20157/10/1583864
Savannah says no to Oil Trains7/9/1531401
Save Elkhorn Slough7/8/1595039
Seattle Oil Train Die In7/11/1598134
Six Days of Leafleting, Monday 7/6 - Saturday 7/117/6/1598134
South Bend Vigil to Stop Oil Trains7/6/1546601
Stop Coal/Oil Trains Blast Zone Walk7/11/1594806
Stop Exploding Oil Trains-Protect Philadelphia Communities7/11/1519130
Stop Oil Trains - D.C.7/10/1520590
Stop Oil Trains - San Fernando Valley- July 7th7/7/1591364
Stop Oil Trains - The Little Engine that Couldn't7/11/1537902
Stop Oil Trains and Mourn the Victims in Northampton7/12/1501060
Stop Oil Trains in Davis7/11/1595616
Stop Oil Trains in Dover, My Home is no Blast Zone7/10/1503820
Stop Oil Trains in Los Angeles - July 117/11/1590012
Stop Oil Trains in Mobile Alabama7/7/1536527
Stop Oil Trains in Pittsburgh7/8/1515222
Stop Oil Trains in Richmond7/11/1594801
Stop Oil Trains in San Jose7/11/1595113
Stop Oil Trains in San Leandro7/6/1594577
Stop Oil Trains in San Leandro7/7/1594577
Stop Oil Trains in Ventura7/11/1593001
Stop Oil Trains in Wenatchee7/11/1598801
Stop Oil Trains Meeting with Texas State Sen. Silvia Garcia7/27/1577011
Stop Oil Trains Santa Barbara7/11/1593101
Stop Oil Trains Week of Action Spokane7/7/1599201
Stop Oil Trains Week Of Action: Spokane7/6/15US
Stop Oil Trains. Urgent Community Meeting7/9/1519143
Stop Phillips 66 Oil Trains7/11/1593401
Stop that Train!7/7/1512883
Stop the Bomb Trains7/9/1553226
Stop the Bomb Trains and Stop the TPP - Downers Grove, IL7/11/1560515
Stop the Bomb Trains! Mothers Out Front marching in the Fairport July 4th Parade7/4/1514450
Stop the Norman Oil Trains - Activate @ the ART WALK7/10/1573069
Stop the Oil Bomb Trains KC!7/12/1564108
Stop the Oil Trains/Remember Lac Megantic Vigil7/5/1504578
Support San Juan County's Oil Train Resolution7/7/1598250
Torchlight Parade- Benicians for a Safe and Healthy Community7/3/1594510
Trains, Pipelines, and Barges: Public Forum on Crude Oil Transport in the Hudson Valley7/9/1512401
Twitter Oil Train Watch (ongoing)7/7/1597222
Union Pacific Railroad protest7/8/1597214
Vigil & Blockade7/6/1597227
Vigil for Lac-Mégantic Oil Train Disaster7/6/1597401

2015 Stop Oil Trains Week of Action

The largest coordinated protest against oil trains in history

Over 80 Individual Actions Across North America